The  company  namely  “ Master  Hatchery  and  Poultry  Feed Limited ” was incorporated on 20th June 2011 vide registration No.C‐93642/11 as a private limited company in Bangladesh under the Companies Act, 1994 and converted as a public limited company vides EGM dated 15 October 2018.
The Company changed its name through special resolution and with due approval of the Registrar of Joint Stock of Companies and Firms from “Master Hatchery and Poultry Feed Limited” to “Master Feed Agrotec Limited.” on 01 July 2018.
The registered office of the Company is situated at Novel House, 137 (8th Floor), Shantinagar, Dhaka-1217, factory office of the Company  is  situated  at  Shemultola,  Sonabo,  Boldighat, Sreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh, and the fisheries unit of the Company  is  situated  at  Akramnagar,  Middlebagga, Subarnachar, Noakhali.



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